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Team Work

By Rich Pacettie

We all have our own ideas about the meaning of team work. I though it might be a good idea to suggest some new ideas about how team work could help improve our surroundings and create better training relationships for our fellow students and dojos. Hopefully the results of our efforts will provide a stronger team spirit for everyone in the MBK for the coming year.

Team work - How to create the right environment.

· Commit to our mission.
· Treat your fellow karateka as partners.
· Motivate your fellow student.
· Communicate as much as possible.
· Appreciate everything your associates do for the dojo.
· Contribute towards the success of the dojo.
· Celebrate your successes.
· Learn how to get others talking, then listen.
· Exceed your Senseiís expectations.
· Control your mind and emotions.
· Continue to swim upstream, no one said it would be easy!

I am sure the above requirements can be easier attained if we combine them with improved personal interactions. I would also like to mention a few interesting ideas to guide us in a favorable direction; in fostering good teamwork. These elements will provide the key foundation towards developing the right "attitude" that helps build a good team. They are:

· Bolster rather than belittle
· Cooperate rather than compete
· Keep criticism for private moments
· Treat everyone equitably
· Help you fellow student grow
· Make decisions promptly.


Sayonara for now,

Rich Pacettie AKA "Slo-Shogun"
U.S. Navy Special Warfare S.E.A.L. Team 2 - Retired
MBK Board of Directors